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Michael Ruccolo

Yoga Teacher, Founder and Owner of LYFE Yoga

We arrive with a body that expresses an embodied perspective that often defines who we are and how we engage in the world. Whether we have unknowingly accepted this point-of-view, it is self-imposed or, most often, a combination of both, the body possesses the ability to lean into the Truth.

And through our movements we have the agency to do two things:

  1. Perpetually sustain the constructed reality; or
  2. Drastically alter perceptions to experience something new.

It is between these two effects where I step in – if you permit me.

Drawing upon philosophy, history, and tradition along with curiosity, my teachings, classes and retreats offer you an intimate experience of the inner conflicts within our constructed reality and help you move through them. Like a bridge connecting two coasts, I walk with you on a path away from the world you know towards a more authentic experience. Grounded in ethics to stabilize the experience and supported by key philosophies and teachings to help make sense of it all, it is there where the transformation can begin. – Are you ready?

The body possesses the ability to lean into the Truth