Based in the tradition of BKS Iyengar Yoga, Michael will use specific timing, sequencing, and alignment to access multiple layers of the body. The intention is to develop insight and awareness of what it means to be present. Props such as blocks, belts, and chairs are used to support and build strength while detailed instruction cultivates a narrative approach to accessing these layers. Moving from the outer layer, often emphasized in contemporary, modern Yoga, these classes will challenge while encouraging you to uncover more subtle layers that reside deep behind the superficial distractions and mental constructs that keep us from authentically being in the world.  

All Levels

This class is suitable for students of all levels. Michael will provide variations and modifications based on each student’s individual needs and abilities. The classes may also incorporate meditation and pranayama (breathing practices) for students who are experienced in breath work.

Based on Michael’s study of Iyengar Yoga and Eastern and Continental Philosophy, this class offers a unique exploration of your embodied being. With a focus on specific timing, sequencing, and alignment, Michael guides you through a transformative, narrative experience. Props such as blocks, belts, and chairs are frequently utilized to provide support and build strength, while detailed instruction offers valuable insight and guidance as you move in and out of each posture (asana). It’s a truly enriching experience that combines movement and meditation.


The student will learn the fundamentals of yoga postures (asanas) through body awareness and postural alignment. This class is perfect for both beginners and advanced students seeking a more detailed and nuanced practice. Class Times are 90 minutes.


Open to students who have practiced in the Hatha and/or the Iyengar Tradition for a minimum of 6 months. These classes incorporate concepts found in both Eastern Texts and Continental Philosophy. Variations and modifications are often taught to acknowledge all students in the class. Classes may include Meditation and/or Pranayama (breathing practices) for those students with maturity in breath work. Class times are 90 minutes.