Since LYFE Yoga first opened its doors in 2006, the landscape of yoga has undergone a dramatic transformation. While we fostered a strong community of dedicated practitioners, external market forces were driving the practice to become predominantly associated with fitness, consumerism, and superficial spirituality. Alongside clever marketing tactics designed to lure students with what they want rather than what they truly need, the essence of Yoga was quickly fading.

The year 2020 brought further challenges as the global pandemic forced many smaller yoga studios or larger financially strained studios to close their doors, but advancing technology expanded the reach of Yoga to anyone with an internet connection. Today, LYFE welcomes students practicing in Northern California, Colorado, the East Coast, Canada, Central America, Europe and Asia. While the voices of our dedicated teachers continue to affirm the roots of Yoga, some larger businesses and others expanded their presence, emphasizing consumerism on a global scale.

This shift has been exacerbated during the pandemic, as employment regulations, inflation and rising rents led to further closures of numerous, physical studios. And although many studios managed to stay afloat, most were compelled to adapt to these changes, with many ultimately drifting further away from the core principles that initially attracted devoted practitioners in the early 1970s, 80s, and 90s.

Our first task is to re-frame the narrative to flourish in this new reality and lay the foundation for inspired creation.

As changes continue to impact the future of Yoga, we strongly believe that students at LYFE Yoga will seek more than a superficial workout, a means of escape, a temporary high or an easy fix. Together, through our practice, we aim to connect individuals to an authentic space that we create, embracing the present moment without relying on empty words, excessive idealism, or spiritual bypassing.

We embrace our rich traditions and historical roots, offering a unique blend of expertise and a holistic perspective on the body. Our practice extends beyond mere fitness or stretching; it encourages each student to explore the dynamic relationship between the observer and the observed. By embracing vulnerability and transcending limitations, we empower individuals to release the mental, physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual barriers that obstruct their progress.

Together, we have the opportunity to uncover the inner truth that we have long concealed and obscured. We can embrace growth and adaptability as we navigate this new era. And in doing so, we can unlock not only our authentic selves but also catch a glimpse of a world that lies just beyond our grasp, waiting to be discovered within. It is a moment where we can truly experience a sense of wholeness and belonging in the world around us.