Yoga: A Call to Freedom

May 19, 2020 10:13 pm Published by Comments Off on Yoga: A Call to Freedom

Aaahhh!  The scent of jasmine wafting through the air!  I know it’s spring when the gardens abound – flower buds burst, exposing rich colors of every hue; the grass looks a little greener, the sun a little brighter.  As I watch the days grow longer, I yearn to explore this call to freedom.

Although opening up in California is coming very soon, for now, I’m still cooped-up, working from home, with the baby trying to explore the “stream of water” in the toilet instead of beautiful flowing streams in nature!  

This is obviously not ideal, but we remain in this, together, for the betterment of our health and our community.  Yet, even in this group effort, many of us can be left feeling more isolated than ever.

These days, I follow that call for freedom to my yoga mat – where I get a taste of what I’m missing. To open my body, to release my mind, to find my breath.  And funny thing, when I put my computer screen in front of my mat to practice, I’m no longer alone either.  I find friends and students there!  This is a special time for me.  What a joy to be together!

I invite you to practice with me in my home. These days, my classes are keeping to the basics, finding freedom in simplicity.  Let’s release and let go together, have a few laughs, and share the joy yoga brings to our hearts.  It’s almost summer!  The garden within abounds!

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This post was written by Candis Berens

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