Cultivate the Stillness, Witness the DepthApril 19, May 31, June 28, July 12 & August 16

Our monthly Yin practice taught by Josie Kramer, is designed to complement your Yang practice and prepare you for seated meditation. The Yin class will access your connective tissue and muscle facia also known as Yin tissues.

These subtle but interconnected web of tissues takes a heavy load during Yang practices such as a Vinyasa Flow

Targeting specifically your hips and shoulders, the Yin postures will stretch these tissues through long supported holds to provide you a greater sense of stability, grounding and an inner stillness. Immersed in flickering candle light and the soothing live music of Sukha you’ll nourish your mind, body and soul. In cultivating this stillness, you will begin to witness the hidden depth of your being.