Our Mission

Welcome to LYFE Wellness, an integrative wellness community center offering group programs, seminars and more to the Los Angeles area for personal growth and wellness. These opportunities are created by a collective of wellness professionals with a diverse range of expertise in mind/body wellness. Our vision is to be a bridge linking a physical practice to an inner experience. By participating in LYFE Wellness programs, students will engage in a process to cultivate awareness and transform their inner wisdom into meaningful action.

LYFE Wellness Programs:

  • Create a safe space for personal exploration and self-healing
  • Facilitate a process that moves participants into greater well-being
  • Provide services that offer deeper psychological support
  • Teach mindfulness and life skill practices in a comprehensive whole person approach
  • Help foster purposeful decisions pertaining to fear, joy, love, loss and recovery
  • Offer community resources and connection throughout the lifespan


Who We Cater To:

  • Stress reduction, anxiety and depression
  • Parenting, Step parenting and blended Families
  • Tweens, Teens, Adolescents, Young Adults
  • Pre and Perinatal Wellness and Bonding and Post Partum Challenges
  • Pain Syndromes, Chronic Pain and Illness
  • Wellness over the lifespan, issues of aging
  • Addiction and Recovery
  • Corporate Wellness Populations