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In the twilight of summer, with Fall quickly approaching, the rhythm of life picks up. It is a time of change… gone are the lazy days of summer. Now families are rushing to school, packing lunch boxes, driving kids to soccer practice, finishing homework. Or maybe you find new projects at work, looming deadlines, the endless emails. Your breath gets short, your muscles tense, your mind is racing.

Before Fall really begins, let’s ask ourselves, “What do we find ourselves falling into?”

Are we being swept up by outside expectations? Are we falling back on old habits? Are we putting aside the things that nurture us, as the demands of deadlines and school bells slowly deplete us?

Or can this Fall be about a bigger change? Not just your routine, but your mindset. Your commitment to listen to your inner whisper. To make time for stillness and find balance in your life.

Just like anything, start small. If you are lucky enough to be able to schlep to yoga class regularly, then you have the luxury to practice deeply. You have a time set aside to release the stresses of the day, clear your mind, find your stillness.

But that is not the only way. Often shifting your life takes a little creativity. There is not always time set aside for a full yoga practice. But with a shift in your commitment, there are always opportunities to taste it. Moments to embrace.

Imagine. Triangle pose in the kitchen while the pasta cooks. 10 deep breaths at the red light. A few forward bends before you lay down to sleep. Playing “Simon Says” yoga with your children, or counting breaths before bedtime. Slowing down while you tie your shoe or sip coffee… and let your exhalation get a little longer.

Will these tastes of stillness really make a difference? Yes. They are seedlings with potential to grow. They are drops of water in a bucket that fills over time. They are precious moments of clarity, of letting go, and listening within. Eventually these moments begin to creep into your decision-making, your moods, even your relationships.

For those of you with families, practicing yoga with children may not be quiet, but it can be joyful and uplifting. It sets a tone and mindset for the entire family. It gives you a chance to open your body and release the stresses of the day. Often children need help finding balance and stillness in their lives, too.

This time, as Fall approaches, and life makes its subtle shifts, beyond the homework and hectic schedules, these moments of quiet await you. This may be your yoga practice for the day. No matter what your practice looks like, feels like, invite it in and let it leave its mark.

Candis Berens

Teaches Monday and Wednesday Evenings at 6:15pm

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