As more information has become available in regard to COVID-19, we have decided to temporarily close the studio until April 1 (or until further notice) in an effort to help limit the potential impact this virus may have on our community. 

A few weeks ago, we watched the number of new coronavirus cases spike. Policy measures were made to ‘contain’ the spread, but what we have learned from the measures taken by governments in Italy, Iran, and South Korea is that there is a small window of time after the first infections in which to take action to avoid large-scale, simultaneous infections – and we here in the US might have already missed this window. Social distancing gives us the next best chance to reduce the impact of this virus by reducing the potential spread peaking in numerous areas all at once.

In other words, we are attempting to avoid creating a large spike in cases as they occurred in Wuhan, Iran and Italy. Attempting to reduce and delay the potential spread of the virus allows our heavily-burdened healthcare system to better manage the influx of new coronavirus cases as well as aide others who are experiencing unrelated medical issues.

During this time, we will be holding / extending all class series and memberships.  Please keep in mind, we are working through these details as you read this post.

As this health crisis changes the way we are managing our responsibility in helping others, we are recognizing the changing ways LYFE Yoga continues to support you and our community. We are actively looking at new ways to provide services to you while we are closed. Please continue to check our emails, website, and social media posts for details to follow.  We also encourage those of you who are already in contact with others to stay in virtual contact via text, email or phone calls.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

LYFE Yoga Team