The New Wave of Sound

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As far back as I can remember music has been a part of my life.  The entrancing frequencies of instruments, the sound of voices and drums coming together felt like home.  Singing, listening, playing and dancing along to music immediately took me to a joyful and elevated place…a place where I felt present and fulfilled without thinking about why or how.  It further allowed me to tune into and appreciate subtle sounds like birds and the wind in the trees and the wonder and wisdom therein.

I went on to study music in depth in college, continuing to express myself through my voice and sound, which included making music and writing in many different projects.  About 11 years ago my soul guided me to become a yoga teacher, and through that practice I also became a sound healer and mantra/kirtan artist. As such, I came to truly understand the healing effects of sound and what my purpose is in this life.

Sound is the new wave of healing and is a form of meditation.  Whether it be the bliss that comes from chanting mantra aloud in a group, listening silently to the breath in one’s living room, going to a yoga class or sound bath where one can relax in a blanket of sacred instruments, or tuning in to ocean waves at the beach, your mind, body will most likely benefit.   Using sound as a healing and elevating tool is not a new concept. Chanting and mantra recitation has been a part of spirituality and yoga for thousands of years. Use of the human voice and objects that resonate to stimulate healing (think gongs, tuning forks and singing bowls) are examples of the growing number of subtle-energy therapies that make up the field of sound “medicine,” and science is now catching up and validating the claims.  Studies show that the benefits of sound healing and therapy include relieving stress and anxiety, improved immune function, increased creativity, better sleep, healing hormonal problems, balancing emotions, and even improving Parkinson’s Disease, PTSD and depression. 

I encourage you to try to incorporate more healing sounds into your life.  

Play mantra music or classical music in your car or in your house while you are cleaning or doing everyday tasks, and sing or hum along when you can!  

Attend sound healing or sound therapy events such as the Sound Bliss Experience at LYFE Yoga.   During this monthly event we incorporate live music, guided meditation and mantra chants to help us clear and release, and we leave plenty of time for you to lie down and relax and enjoy lots of eclectic sound healing instruments.  

Want to dive deeper?  – Join me for the Wisdom of Mantra & Breath Workshop at LYFE Yoga on October 19.

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This is a workshop that I am passionate about, through which I have been able to foster awakenings and changes in attendees’ lives since its inception.  I hope you will join me for this incredible afternoon of live music, mantra, meditation and exploration! Feel lighter, brighter and leave with tools and wisdom to integrate into your daily life.


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