The Explorer Series are new monthly workshop-like events specifically designed to explore the hidden depths of our body and mind to witness what we truly need at this time. These practices are designed to support our individual practice and our growing yoga community.

We developed the Series based on your feedback:

  • enhance our ability to concentrate to improve our daily life and/or meditation;
  • transcend the trappings of time to live in the present moment;
  • strengthen our physical body as we age;
  • cultivate empathy to understand others in a challenging, complex world;
  • sustain a calmness throughout the body to help improve our health and well-being.

These are big ideas broken down into easy-to-do monthly practices based on a variety of eastern traditions mixed with a western approach that you will only find at LYFE Yoga.

We will be rolling out additional Explorer practices throughout the year. We offer an introductory rate for only $25 each. It’s a savings of over 30% off.

Take each class or take only one. Mix them up. Invite a friend or family member to join you. It’s up to you. Complement and support your regular yoga classes while enhancing your ability to extend that practice into your everyday life. Find what you seek in life as you embark on this journey of exploration with LYFE Yoga.