Same Sun, Different Light


LYFE Yoga Retreat Testimonials

“After being picked up from the airport and transferred to the retreat property, the moment I arrived, I thought out-loud, ‘Wow, now I know what it is like to be a rock-star.’ ” Christopher

“I find the best moments of my practice are when I can go beyond the limits of spaces I construct. We create these spaces that tell us we simply cannot and it  makes us scared to stay there, and go deeper into our practice. But here is where you find new, open spaces that dissolve the idea that we can’t.’ It’s where you find your practice.  I found my practice in Greece.” Kaila

“This was the kind of retreat that challenges your self-imposed yoga limitations while rewarding you with the most blissful of surroundings and food so fresh it makes your mouth sing–in Greek!” Laura

“The opportunity to delve deeper into your yoga practice in paradise. Precious time for relaxation and introspection between the morning and evening asana. If you desire more exploration, day excursions are available. The brunch spread everyday at the villa is sure to please a wide range of palates. You deserve it, take the plunge!” Amparo