Same Sun, Different Light


a few LYFE Yoga Retreat Testimonials

“I find the best moments of my practice are when I can go beyond the limits of spaces I construct. We create these spaces that tell us we simply cannot and it  makes us scared to stay there, and go deeper into our practice. But here is where you find new, open spaces that dissolve the idea that we can’t. It’s where you find your practice.  I found my practice in Greece.” Kaila

“This was the kind of retreat that challenges your self-imposed yoga limitations while rewarding you with the most blissful of surroundings and food so fresh it makes your mouth sing–in Greek!” Laura

“The Mykonos Retreat with Michael Ruccolo was one of the most wonderful and life-affirming experiences I have ever had and I can’t wait to go again.The location was breathtaking. From the rooms, to the pool, to the yoga-space looking out across the Aegean Sea, everywhere you looked was a feast for the eyes. And speaking of feasts, we had such delicious food prepared for us after our morning practice! The program is perfectly designed for both expanding your practice and for exploring the island with its many beaches, and cultural excursions, and beautiful nights out on the town. I highly recommend this retreat. It will surely benefit your heart, body, and soul.” Amanda

“The retreat in Mykonos was a delight from start to finish. We arrived by ferry from Santorini and were brought to the villa by private taxi from the villa’s owners. The villa was bright and airy, with a captivating sea view, comfortable and roomy accommodations, and seemed to exemplify modern Greek architecture and sensibilities. It was kept very clean and well supplied by the daily staff, who were quite accommodating to any special requests. The only attraction within walking distance was the nearby hotel/villa which had a pebbly beach which was quite nice but we only took advantage of that our last day. It didn’t take long for all the gathered yogis to get to know each other and the camaraderie only increased day by day as we practiced together, ate together, and explored the island together. Socially, it was remarkably harmonious, for which we can credit Michael for setting the tone – generous with his equanimity, wisdom, humor, and smiles.” Chiyoko and Julian

“After being picked up from the airport and transferred to the retreat property, the moment I arrived, I thought out-loud, ‘Wow, now I know what it is like to be a rock-star.’ ” Christopher

“The opportunity to delve deeper into your yoga practice in paradise. Precious time for relaxation and introspection between the morning and evening asana. If you desire more exploration, day excursions are available. The brunch spread everyday at the villa is sure to please a wide range of palates. You deserve it, take the plunge!” Amparo

“My husband and I both practice yoga regularly with a home practice. We had gone to a couple of Michael’s classes and when some friends said they were going to his yoga retreat we jumped on it. We felt it would be a great way to see Greece, learn together, and expand our practice. Michael was able to observe each of us and provide specific recommendations to our body type/issues. We left energized, elongated, more nimble, more knowledgeable about our bodies, and an overall peaceful feeling. The group was eclectic and we all got along well. It felt like a big family living together.” Suzane and Michael

“I had never been to Europe before, much less Greece. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I felt comfort knowing that I was meeting with my LYFE Yoga family and exploring a new land together. The villa we stayed in was lovely! There was a chef that came to prepare an abundance of food for the group every morning after the first yoga practice of the day with many healthy local items and tasty specialties. Throughout the week spent on the island, much shopping, dining and exploring took place on Mykonos and during outings to other neighboring islands too. Some of us rented cars to check out the sights. In the evening, there was another yoga practice to bring the day together and prepare us for the night. By the end of the week, my body and mind were rejuvenated and I had new and renewed friendships. I look forward to returning again to this magical place. Thank you Michael and LYFE Yoga for providing the opportunity!” Sarah

“Deepen your yoga practice in the breathtaking beauty of Mykonos island on the Aegean Sea. Enjoy 8 days in a first-class villa perched above an aquamarine-blue cove. With expert yoga instruction provided twice daily by Michael Ruccolo, you and your fellow yogis will experience a strengthening of practice and sense of sangha, while rejuvenating yourself on a sensuous Greek island. Savor a tasty, satisfying brunch prepared fresh daily. During the afternoons, enjoy excursions to ancient sites, relax on warm beaches, swim in the therapeutic waters of the Aegean sea, dine on fresh seafood and Greek specialties, shop and enjoy seaside drinks in town, and be amazed by splendid sea views wherever you go on the island.” Keiko