Our Relationship With Sound

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I have a very particular relationship with sound from playing Singing Bowls but what many folks fail to recognize is their own relationship with sound.

Many creation stories begin with a sound. Judeo-Christian: “In the beginning there was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” Hindu cosmology: “Aum was the original vibration that rippled through pure, enlightened awareness creating the complicated and intricate patterns of individual consciousness.” Native American: “In the center of the universe she sang. In the midst of the waters she sang. In the center she sang. Her singing made all the world.” Science: the Big Bang theory.

In my time playing the Singing Bowls, I have witnessed incredible, physical relief and recovery using them therapeutically. Students and clients have reported fantastic experiences while in meditation with the bowls.

No one knows how long Singing Bowls have been used for healing and meditation. We do know however that the bowls can draw the mind into the same brain wave patterns as that of deep sleep or profound meditation. The value of being in such a state has been made clear through many scientific studies.

Each bowl corresponds to a specific area of the body. Western medicine has now shown that each of those areas when healthy vibrate at the same frequency as the corresponding bowl. One theory as to why they are useful in the physical healing process is that they force the body to vibrate at its healthiest frequencies. Another is this; when the vibrations move through an area anything that doesn’t vibrate at the proper frequency (toxins, plaques…) will in effect be shaken loose and purged from the system.

The meditative state or mind-body awareness has been studied extensively. Practitioners have been shown to consistently experience a host of positive physiological changes. Among these benefits are higher immune function, lower cortisol levels, better heart health, better sleep habits, a greater ability to focus, higher clarity of thinking and an overall greater feeling of wellbeing.

Being so beneficial to our mental, physical and emotional health there is no area of life that goes unimproved as a result being in true meditation. Listening to and feeling the vibrations of the Singing Bowls has proven to be a very efficient short-cut to such states.

Aside from everything else though, theses sounds are simply soothing and enjoyable!

Join me and Lisa Larson as we guide you through the meditative and therapeutic effects of yoga and sound.

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This post was written by Christopher Quain

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