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Yoga Nidra Meditation

April 3, 2019 12:28 am Published by Comments Off on Yoga Nidra Meditation

My name is Rita Burgos and I practice and teach a method of progressive relaxation that brings you into what can be called a Yoga Nidra state. Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep, is a state of complete awareness in deep relaxation. There is no scientific test that can measure this state of being. An EEG can give some insight, but ultimately, a Yoga Nidra practice is an act of bringing our awareness within that provides... View Article

Top Tips for Holiday Stress Relief

November 1, 2018 7:27 pm Published by Comments Off on Top Tips for Holiday Stress Relief

The holidays are just around the corner (wow) and they are the most stressful time of the year for so many people. Late nights, overindulging, more cocktails than our bodies are used to, traveling, maybe too much time with family… all of this leads to STRESS in your body! It’s no wonder we end up feeling groggy, out of it and low energy come January 2nd. I thought this was a perfect time to share... View Article