November 1, 2018

Top Tips for Holiday Stress Relief

Amanda Castilone Comments are off
The holidays are just around the corner (wow) and they are the most stressful time of the year for so many people. Late nights, overindulging, more cocktails than our bodies are used to, traveling, maybe too much time with family… all of this leads to STRESS in your body! It’s no wonder we end up feeling groggy, out of it and low energy come January 2nd. I thought this was a perfect time to share
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At some point in life, many of us seek to create changes in our existence. Stepping onto our yoga mat every day is a serious endeavor to transform ourselves. Yoga is a path towards this self-realization. The second chapter of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali clearly lays out this journey. It begins with the practice of kriya yoga which consists of: tapas (enthusiasm), ishvara pranidhana (unshakeable faith and devotion to the sacred), and svādhyāya (self-study).
In the twilight of summer, with Fall quickly approaching, the rhythm of life picks up. It is a time of change… gone are the lazy days of summer. Now families are rushing to school, packing lunch boxes, driving kids to soccer practice, finishing homework. Or maybe you find new projects at work, looming deadlines, the endless emails. Your breath gets short, your muscles tense, your mind is racing. Before Fall really begins, let’s ask ourselves,