Adapting to an Outdoor Practice

September 3, 2020 12:09 pm Published by Comments Off on Adapting to an Outdoor Practice

Thank you for being here with us these last 6 months. Your ability to adapt your yoga practice to a virtual setting and your continued participation and support is what keeps us teaching.

We recognize that this pandemic has inhibited our community and our human connections. In our continued efforts to provide the depth of instruction and clarity of intention in our teaching, while reconnecting to our community, we will soon begin offering outdoor yoga and meditation events.

The decision to offer these events was based on two important pillars: Our teaching philosophy and You.

We believe a yoga practice is a deeply personal practice that should be taught in a safe, virtuous, and peaceful space in order to promote introspection, security, and growth in a community setting. For some of us, bringing this beautiful, internalized experience outside, in view of the public, may cause our yoga practice to feel as if it’s being reduced to a performance, or even worse, trigger past traumas.

With that in mind, we are pursuing this process with intention and purpose, selecting locations that promote both an internal and external experience conducive to our specific practices: offering a place to settle, to slow down and witness what you hold in your body, to sit in a practice while uncertainty surrounds, all with the aim of providing a state of safety and quietness.

The events will be a combination of community building, meditation, and yoga asana. These events will be designed to help support you physically and emotionally while giving each of you an opportunity to reconnect in-person with your community.

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This post was written by Michael Ruccolo

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